How to Celebrate the Perfect Birthday | Birthday Celebrations

How to Celebrate the Perfect Birthday | Birthday Celebrations

How to Celebrate the Perfect Birthday | Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Celebrations:
Birth Day!!! Definitely it’s a special day for every year in every one’s life. We wait for this awesome day. You are special in the whole world on your birth day. You get Wishes, Greetings, surprises, parties, treats, gifts etc on your Birthday.

On typical birth day, one can do one or more of the following things.

  • Gives birthday party to his family and friends.
  • Cuts birthday cakes 
  • Gets birthday gifts from friends and family 
  • Plan for a trip with friends 
  • Spends entire day with friends, family and loved persons

One you birthday, you start getting birth day wishes from 12:00 AM you might cut the cake at 12:00 AM. Do you even think about why should you celebrate your birthday?? On your birthday, its just an opportunity to your parents, friends and loved ones to meet you and congratulate for surviving for one year and they wish you survive for life ling.

We don’t even know why we cut the cake, why we party on birthday, why we blew candles, Why the hell the balloons came into birth day party, How does Birthday song came into scene and many more.

The birthdays we are celebrating now, are mixed cultures of different countries in the world.

 In this article we will know why we celebrate birthday.

Birthday Parties: Egypt’s ancient people beliefs that, the evil spirits exists in this world tends to harm to the person whose birthday it is. On this day, the person’s family, friends and loved ones be with him closely and celebrates birthday. All their good wishes helped to keep the evil spirit at bay. Egyptians incorporated Parties on the birthdays.

Birthday Cakes: Cakes on birth day culture have started by geeks. As per geek tradition, baking cakes on round shape represents the full moon and it’s a tribute to the lunar goddess. To create the radiance of the moon, they only started to lit candles on the cakes. Geeks used to bake round layered cake and light a candle in the middle to celebrate the ‘Light of Life’. They also believed that, the smoke from the candle carries their birthday wishes to the God.

Lightening candles: Lightening candles is the way to pray the god. But by blowing the candles and celebrates the birthday, it indicates that god has received the message. Geeks starts lightening candles and on cakes for a glowing effect.

Birthday Balloons: Before plastic balloons came into existence, balloons were made of animal intestines or bladders. Many years later Balloons were first introduced in 1824 by world’s famous rubber manufacturing company Thomas Hancock. As these were children toys initially, Balloons were introduced in birthday parties to make it colorful.

Birthday Songs: Actually, Birthday song is remixed from the original song “Good Morning to All” which has written by two teachers Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill in 1893. This song was intended to be sung by students before classes began. In 1924, Robert Coleman published a songbook with few extra lyrics, in which it has included “Happy Birth Day to You”.

Birthday Gifts: Getting gifts from family, friends and loved ones is very common on birthdays. Our gift conveys our feelings which we have towards him/her. Generally the gifts are the things which the person likes or the person in need of and the gifts might me the personalized and customized ones too.

Birthday Wishes:
Getting birthday wishes from all the persons you know on your birth day is very common and you will become very happy with their wishes. These wishes are to congratulate for surviving another year and they also wish for your happiness, prosperity and well-being.

Birthday Greeting:
It’s the culture from many years, to give Greeting card with his or her message for the person who is celebrating birthday. It’s a revolution for the greeting card manufacturers. The industry has grown rapidly once they have introduced greeting cards for each and every occasion. But in recent days, the social media like Facebook, whatsapp, instagram, twitter etc are playing major role in delivering digital greeting cards and this is a threat to greeting card manufacturers.

How to Celebrate the Perfect Birthday | Birthday Celebrations

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