Christmas Celebrations : Why And How We Celebrate Christmas

Christmas Celebrations : Why And How We Celebrate Christmas

Christmas Celebrations:

Christianity is by far the largest religion in the world. Around 2.2 Billion people follow Christianity among 6.9 Billion world’s population which constitutes 31% of the total world’s population (according to 2010 census). Christmas is the major festival celebrated by all the Christians around the World. People celebrate Christmas with full of joy and enthusiasm by praying Jesus.

When Christmas is celebrated?

Throughout the world Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year. Celebrations start from late afternoon or evening on 24th December. There are some other dates when Christmas is celebrated in few countries.

In 2019 Christmas falls on Tuesday, 25th December.
Some orthodox churches in Russia, Jerusalem, Ethiopia, Serbia, and Ukraine use “Julian” calendar and people in those countries celebrates Christmas on January 7th.

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Why Christmas is celebrated?

Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God. To remember the birth of Jesus Christ, Christians around the world celebrates Christmas on December 25th. Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem and it is historical fact that Jesus was born in 5 BC. Christians believes that Jesus died for people and then came back to life.

Roman Emperor Constantine who was the First roman Emperor celebrated Christmas for the first time in December 25th 336. After few years, Pope Julius I declared officially that the Jesus birth would be celebrated on 25th December.

Christmas celebrations around the world:

In western counties, a Christmas celebration starts on Christmas day and lasts for 12 days. These celebrations will be finished on 5th January night which is well known as Twelfth Night.

Christmas celebrations are different from place to place. But the central essence of the festival is same throughout the world. The celebration of Christmas throughout the world is not same but majority of the celebrations include following.

Spending Christmas with family is very important. People spend time with their families and friends decorating the entire house both inside and outside. On this beautiful eve all family members and friends spends time by baking cake, cookies and preparing big Christmas dinner.

People do shopping for self, friends and family. Presenting gifts to each other on the Christmas day is one of the old traditions that Christians follow throughout the world. Especially children enjoy this day by presenting and waiting for the gifts. Christians visit their church with family members and prays Jesus Christ.

Wish you a very happy Christmas!!

Christmas Celebrations : Why And How We Celebrate Christmas

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